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Behind the Яevolution

That I may confirm the oath that I swore to your fathers, to give them a land flowing with milk and honey, as at this day." Then I answered, "So be it, Lord."

Jeremiah 11:5

It is only expected that this unique story begins where people made history and prophecies - Jerusalem.

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Realizing the potential

Let’s face it – milk cannot be replaced:


Milk is the only whole food evolved solely to provide complete nutrition to mammals.


Contains over 2000 micro and macronutrients which support survival and development.


Its unique delivery system enables the most efficient mechanism to absorb nutrients.

With Wilk, we can keep enjoying the benefits of real milk – while fully overcoming the challenges raised by industrial and cultural processes. Founded in 2020, Wilk produces cell-based milk secreted from mammary epithelial cells, which are found in the mammary glands of both humans and animals.

We intend to set those old methods free, without compromising the countless nutritional benefits of real milk.

A limited proportion of babies get breastfed
World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months.

Preterm newborns require breast milk to survive
10% of babies are born preterm.
Potentially fatal consequences.

Limited availability of safe human breast milk
Increased unregulated sales of human milk through social marketplaces.
Overall nutritional inferiority of infant formulas.

  • 87% Water
  • 7% Lactose
  • 4.2% Fats
  • 1.1% Proteins
  • 0.5% Oligosaccharides
  • 0.1% Minerals

Boom in consumption
The expected global population of ~10 billion by 2050. 56% growth in global food consumption by 2050 versus 2010.

The dairy industry environmental effects
1L of milk requires 1,000L of water & 4% of total global anthropogenic GHG emissions.

Consumer shift for eco-friendly alternatives
Growing consumer concern regarding animal welfare. Rising demand for sustainably farmed and animal-free goods.

  • 87% Water
  • 4.9% Lactose
  • 3.8% Fats
  • 3.6% Proteins
  • 0.7% Minerals

Revolutionizing the potential

As other key players try to tackle the sustainable & environmental obstacles of the dairy industry by producing alternatives such as plant based & fermentation based products – we produce REAL MILK - through cells – in an independent manner. So that we can enjoy the nutritional & delicious benefits of milk for years to come, promoting not only an animal friendly, safe and sustainable consumable, but also being the only ones to keep this delicious liquid, and all of its delicious sub-products afloat!

Positive environmental impact
Enhanced nutrition
Personalized & products
Lab grade quality control
Lifesaving food for preterm babies
Automated process with 24/7 production
Bioavailability of micronutrients
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