Rehovot, Israel

Analytical Unit Leader

Job Description

Lead a team of analytical scientists to execute complex qualitative and quantitative analytical characterizations of milk components.

• Develop and implement analytical methods for protein, lipids and oligosaccharides.
• Conduct diverse analytical methods, including colorimetric assays (chemical/biochemical), HPLC/GC and physical assays.
• Method verification and validation, Protocols/Reports writing and executing.
• Work in close collaboration with other R&D teams.


• Ph.D in biology/Biotechnology.
• With 5+ years in industrial analytical R&D or relevant QC lab leading experience.
• Hands-on experience in analytical method development, method validation/qualification.
• Knowledge of various analytical techniques for identification and quantification.
• Strong background and experience in biochemistry, immune-assays, protein characterization and quantization (ELISA, PAGE/Western, and HPLC/GC).
• Experience in Lipids/Triglycerides and/or Oligosaccharides.

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